Thursday, October 21, 2021

Fever Dream part 15

 Had some time today, so I decided to go up to the Studio and do a little more work on my block.  Plus, I like how the cutting went yesterday and want to do more while everything is still working.   Still no Nichole, so I just went to work.

Took out an assortment of tools that made sense, and I had brought my case of rock/pop discs with me today.  From there I selected the Wipers disc, written about back in July of 2019.  Once a co-worker heard me playing a Wipers tape and thought I was listening to heavy metal.  No (wrong rhythm for one thing), but it is very heavy guitar, yet very atmospheric, and thus very suitable for cutting to.  

I continued with the desk, including the hand holding the pizza slice.  Went on to the comic book guy and the display of comic books (probably long boxes on a shelving unit), doing everything except the parts that are defined by the circular clothing rack.  From there I went on to the most complicated thing remaining, the burning castle in the distance.  I had redrawn this from my internet source last week, and studied the video of it with fireworks (some recent Disney specials and commercials on television) to see how it looked partly lit up at night.  It made today easier.  I also took care of the guy watching the Cinderella castle go up in flames, from the escalator.  A little more time on the wild grass and circular clothing rack, but on the latter I want to update the drawing before I cut any more, and that I can do at home.  The last thing I did was the door frame on the right side of the block. I need to decide soon what I want to do about the two hanging hoses near the top of the escalator.  

Otherwise what is left is the far right of the block- the brick wall, the hand holding the keys, and the Jeffries tube opening on the wall.  That means a few more decisions, but that sounds like work for the weekend.  

As I left, a lot more tags on the hooks, but still no Nichole.  No need to stop on the way home, so I just drove back to where I live.


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