Wednesday, November 03, 2021



The other day my brother showed up at my current home to do some chores my parents had asked for, and had a framed artwork in his hands.  It was a piece of mine from years ago about Lou's Barber Shop, a place we frequented for most of our lives, until he sold it suddenly and got out of the business.  (He was from Italy, about my father's age, and practically a relative)  It's a long wide piece, one he had hanging in his main room for years.  (I don't have a photo of the actual print, from before I had a digital camera, so what you get above is a copy of something from that print I used elsewhere)  He also brought a poster of a Kevin Smith script reading he had been to, which carried some autographs.  What he wanted was to leave the framed print, and have me mat and frame the poster, part of a rearranging of his walls.  Just put it in an old frame you have.  Easier said than done, as I have never made a print to the same dimensions as his poster, and most of the stores that sold art supplies have gone out business.  Both brick stores and online stores.  

So I had two tasks today.  After looking at various online sites, I had concluded that the simplest and least expensive option would be to use an old frame and cut a new mat to fit it.  I would re-use the frame, backing board, and plexiglass.  I had measured my brother's poster at 12" x 18", and while I have nothing that would fit that size, I had bigger things.   One of the few art supply stores that I know still exists is across from the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, and I had business with a lawyer in Eatontown today, so I decided to go there after my afternoon appointment.  Luckily I know all those roads fairly well from my years of using them for work, so I found both the lawyer and the art store with no problems, and picked up a piece of mat board.  More than I am used to paying, but I don't know if the stuff has gone up in recent years, or if this is just the only store left and I have to pay what they demand.

Back home, part two.  Down to the basement where I built a giant rack unit a few decades ago to hold all my artwork.  (the flood destroyed some things on the lower level. but the top stuff was all fine)  I used the opportunity to see what I had up there (found a few things), and selected some possibilities.  Used my brother's poster to measure and chose one that was a little larger, but one that will hold the whole poster.  All my mat cutting stuff is up at my Studio, so next time I am there I will take care of that.


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