Thursday, December 16, 2021

Christmas Card 2021 part 3


Another mild day this week, mid 60's around here.  In my Studio, no problems with weather today.  In fact, I had lowered the heat last time down to 70 degrees, and I don't think it came on once today.  Nichole's car wasn't in the lot, so I just went inside, carrying my backpack (with carved block and music), and my package of paper.  After looking at an old one, I decided that Rives Heavyweight would do, and I knew I had some of that.  Once I unpacked it all, I realized that all the paper was a bit wrinkled, but I hoped it wouldn't matter.  

First I looked at my sagging tack board, and it was no longer sagging.  Three new anchors were in place along the top part, and it was firmly attached to the wall. Molly's board was still disconnected from the wall in one corner, and the one bank of lights was still out, but the one I was most worried about was done.  (the other two problems have been going on for months or years) I set up the boom box back on top of the shelving unit, and chose the first disc of my Bruce Springsteen favorites.  Why?  Because as I was getting ready to leave home, the news mentioned a story about Bruce selling his catalog,  details to come after the commercial.  So I waited for the next news segment, but that story wasn't told. Sat through another commercial and saw the next news segment, and still no story.  I left and went to the Studio, where I could listen to Bruce all I wanted and didn't have to pay anyone.  First I returned all the glass stuff to the top of the counter, more or less where they had been, then I got to work on my card.

I took out a sheet of the Heavyweight, measured pieces the right size, and used a nice piece of lattice on my table as a straightedge and marked them out.  I had brought a pair of scissors from home, and used those to cut 9 pieces of paper.  One had the price tag on it, but the rest would work.  I knew I wouldn't have time to do anything else today, so I brought the rest of the paper back to my car, and grabbed my printing go bag.  Back in the Studio, I pulled out the can of Outlaw Black that I had used recently, a hard brayer, an ink knife, and a razor scraper, and got to work.  Also had a roll of blue painter's tape, which I used to mask one bit of the largest white area, and had a long piece ready to put where the fold would go.  The routine of inking, taping, and printing went fairly quickly, and eventually I had 8 decent copies.  Cleaned up the ink and my tools, placed the cards into an old issue of the Tri-City News to carry them back to my car, and left.  

Out in the parking lot, I saw Nichole's car, so I decided to give her an update in person, and save myself from having to send her one by email later.  From her I learned that Molly's board would have to wait until she cleared some space, which may not happen any time soon.  I also learned that new bulbs had been tried in our light fixture with no effect, so the problem may be elsewhere.  Nichole also mentioned a possible tenants show in the spring, so I will give some thought (and do a little research) as to what I might show in such an exhibition.  

Back home, I put out the cards to dry, and later learned that Bruce sold his entire catalog to a media company for half a billion dollars.  Hope he knows what he's doing.  The Beatles sold their publishing rights in the late 60's to fund their Apple Corps concept and fought for decades to get those songs back.


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