Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Card 2021 part 4


I had brought home my printed cards from the last time, and they seemed dry, so last night I pulled up my source art work on the computer, and added various washes (as always intended), to make the values approximate those of the original.  I liked the results, so this afternoon, I "colored" the cards, so to speak.  This is my first black and white card, so my addition to the black printing ink is some black india ink, mixed with water to achieve various shades.  Doesn't look exactly like an etching, but then none of my woodcut cards with watercolor looked exactly like the oil paintings they were based on, so it all works out.  

Today I finished the job, copying from my first attempt (if not a BAT, it serves the same function), the ink wash on the seven remaining proofs.  Since I didn't need my computer to see the original today, I put it to other use.  Normally I'd listen to some Christmas music as I did this, but everything I had on disc, ranging from commercial Christmas releases, to home burned discs of other artists and radio shows, is now in storage.   My supply of Studio music never included any holiday things.  But the internet does, and I found a week or two ago that the whole Charlie Brown Christmas album on YouTube.  Around this time of year there are many Christmas themed specials and episodes on tv, most of which I don't watch, but the Peanuts special was always one I watched, but of late it's not on any channels I get, probably now owned by some streaming service.  I had the album, which included the jazzy music of the Vince Guaraldi Trio and some children's choirs, the music being one of the main reasons I always liked the special.  But I can't access that now, so the internet version was fine to have in the background as I brushed on my various washes.  When that ended, I didn't like the Christmas music that was next offered, so I switched to one of my discs, Kirsty MacColl's tropical brainstorm, which is not a Christmas album, but in my mind compatible music.  You can read about that one at March 2020 if you want to know more.

It took about 2 hours to complete the 7 new copies, to go with the master I created last night. All of those are accounted for, but unless I get a bunch more cards, I won't need any more.  (if I do, I'll deal with that after the holidays, like every other year) Over the next few days I'll trim these to size, make sure they fit into envelopes, and gradually write them out. Meanwhile, I will compose a Christmas letter on my computer, but that can be dispersed via email, to as many people as I want to exchange that with.  My choice for the inspiration will be announced on Christmas day, though the image of my piece will have to wait until I have a camera again.


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