Saturday, January 01, 2022

Art Continues in 2022

Last year began with me going to a hospital, for the fourth time I think.  So far I don't have that problem this year.   I hope I am past the worst of my health issues, but as of now I have a therapy appointment on Monday, and a neurological exam the week after that, so who knows?  

I am hoping for a better year.  I think I am done with printing for the time being, but I need to decide what will hang in the next show by Monday, and get those framed in the near future.  Also once they are decided, produce wall tags for those pieces.  Framed works to be delivered to the gallery early next month.  Have to settle some decisions about local classes very soon, then do some preparation, but some can wait until people actually sign up for those classes.  With another wave of Covid coming our way, that may not happen.  

I have some vague ideas about another piece of art, but I'll save those thoughts until I am ready to start something.  By then I should have tested my new saw, and maybe purchased some additional materials. 

Beyond that, I am not planing anything yet, but these things have a tendency to happen as they do, so I will be ready.


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