Friday, April 29, 2022

Back to Ocean Grove


I went up to Ocean Grove for a while this afternoon to take care of some business, mostly to save me from having to do it tomorrow, which will likely be a very busy day.  

I walked through the first floor on the way to the elevator and noticed something immediately- a statue. This was expected, a bronze rendition of the famous Rosie the Riveter poster, courtesy of the Johnson Atelier, a loaner for Women's Empowerment month. Of course it wasn't expected until sometime next week, which was odd.  I went to school with a sculptor who had a job at the Johnson Atelier for a while after she finished grad school.  She had the bronze experience to do the work, but was happy to get a teaching job on the west coast, and I never heard from her again.  She said that all the bronze workers who were there actually disliked these Seward Johnson pieces, since they were not particularly original, but rather things made from famous paintings.  But these things paid the bills.

The first task was to leave the May rent check for Molly in the usual place.  This is one of those things that could have been done tomorrow, but now it's done so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow.  

Another task done in advance of tomorrow is preparing wood blocks for the next project, since I may be having an open studio tomorrow.  As I write this, I still haven't heard from Tom with any new details about this Robert Johnson thing he is putting together, so I will do what I said I would do- produce some drawings at 11"x14", as he originally asked for.  If nothing else, I can make woodcuts that size for myself, as I am interested in doing this for myself even if the big thing doesn't happen.  Today I used my new saw to cut two pieces of 1/2 inch birch plywood to an appropriate size for prints he originally stated.  I have sketches for 3 ideas, but I'll start with two, and have enough wood to do more should I want to.  I probably won't get past pencil drawing tomorrow, but I will bring india ink, brushes, and markers, in case I want to take things further.  After I get some drawings done, I can decide if I want to send those to Tom, or cut the blocks and print them, then send my print images, which he can use as is, or give me some directions on what he wants instead.  Since I still don't have a camera, it's all moot right now anyway.  The pieces of wood still need some sanding along the edges, but I can do that quickly tomorrow, before I start drawing, or even later, since it's on the back of the wood.  The block shown above is actually a supermarket block, but it's the same kind of wood, and you get the general idea.

Another thing I had to do was pick up a canvas tote bag.  I believe some time next week, all stores in the state will be forbidden from supplying customers with one use paper or plastic bags for purchases, a law that was signed into existence years ago and is scheduled to take effect quite soon, unless some kind of delay is put into place even sooner.  Of course, all stores also sell reusable tote bags for the same purpose, but I don't want to buy more bags, and I have huge supplies of the old plastic bags, which I have been reusing for years, as garbage bags, to hold art supplies, provide to students for use, or whatever.  I figure to use the disposable plastic bags as liners with the reusable bags, so I can throw them out when they are beyond help.  I knew I had one canvas tote in the car, holding all my print supplies, my printmaking go bag, so that one is in use.  I had one or two in my apartment, used for print classes and such, but I assume those are now in storage, so no idea when I'll see them again.  I used to have two in my Studio, but one disappeared during the break in a few years ago.  All I lost was that bag (probably used to haul some of the old power tools that Molly had stolen from her), and a roll of paper towels, which were probably the most valuable thing I had there at that point.  (at least for most people, as they ignored all the valuable wood and paper that Molly and I have, as well as my boom box and CD collection, things that Molly and I value, but most people don't, which is why no one sells them anymore) So now I had just one bag, full of tools and hardware, but otherwise clean, so I moved stuff out of that one and to a triple layer of plastic bags (have lots, and it will hold that stuff for now) and I'll have a canvas tote I can use for food shopping next week.  As a bonus, I found a few ear plugs in there (from the table building project) things I thought were lost or in storage, so next time I need some, I'll have them.

Stopped by the office, but Nichole was not there.  She had been in earlier, and would likely be back later, but for now she was off.  There are events scheduled for the next several days, some also unexpected for them, so she will be busy.  (the sculpture was indeed expected next week, but was delivered early, so for now we have an extra artwork in the gallery)  I'll be there a lot myself tomorrow, so I'll know more then.


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