Friday, April 22, 2022

Open Studios 2022


A few months back we got word of a new Open Studios event being planned for the Jersey Shore Arts Center.  We've had at least one of these happen in the past, and I think that the show I had at Ocean County College several years ago was a result of that event.  Essentially, I just worked at my table in my space, and occasionally people wandered through.  A few things are different this time.  For one, this was completely organized by the artists.  The idea for this came from one of the participants in the current tenants show we have going on up on the 1st floor.  The organizer remembered such things from his time living up in Hudson County and saw no reason why it wouldn't work in our building.   Well, maybe.  Instead of being scattered in studios all around a dense and busy county, we are all in one building.  Another person at that first meeting claimed that we would need at least 6 months to organize this, as in her experience doing this in the past, that is what they got.  I don't think so- the month we had was more than enough.  Some people volunteered to produce graphics for postcards and other publicity, such as the one at the top of this post.  At least it has a phone number and email address, because it doesn't have any listed date or hours.  (by the way, this event will occur on April 30th, from about 12 to 5 pm, though the closing reception for the art show is now scheduled for 3 to 5 the same day, so how many artists will be in their studios remains to be seen)  At least one person stated that food had to served at this event, and it does seem something will be sold out of the cafe space up on the 3rd floor, though what I have no idea.

Will I be participating?  I have no idea.  For a few weeks I believed I had a class on Saturday afternoons, and Nichole felt that the teaching should be the priority.  And since I had committed to that earlier, I agreed with her.  If Molly was going to be there, that might work, as she would have the place open and I could stop there around teaching, but she refused to commit, and I haven't seen or heard from her since. (our organizer didn't even know who she was, even though she's been there as long as I have) The afternoon class that I would have had has since been cancelled, so technically I am now free, though the deadline for officially signing on was weeks ago back when I still had the class.  More significant, I don't even know yet if visitors are even going to be allowed in the basement right now.  If they can't get there, they won't be visiting.  

As for what I would be doing, I would think that my next project is the Robert Johnson project that Tom wants me to be part of.  Final prints are due until early next year, but I figured I could at least start on some drawings on wood, a necessary step.   And even if he doesn't want to use one of these designs, I could still turn it into a new print series.  The problem is that he has given me no information since that first day back weeks ago, and I would like a few details before I saw off blocks and start to draw images.  I sent another email a few days ago, and he promised to be in touch today, but as I write this, he still hasn't contacted me yet.  He still has about a week to go before this event, so it's not too late, and if I don't hear from him, I will do drawings anyway.  

Either way, I like to do my part, so I will promote it.  I've done so here on the blog, and I'll tell my students about it tomorrow.  And whether I hear from Tom on not, I'll do some kinds of drawings of my ideas next week. More than that I can't do right now.


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