Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Teaching Business


Decided to take care of some teaching related business yesterday.  We had been sent a form to fill out, but while my computer was able to open it, I couldn't get it filled out online, so I just printed it out and brought it with me to Ocean Grove.  

Up at the JSAC I found Nichole was somewhere in the building, but not in the office, and people there in the office told me she'd be busy for a while.  So I just decided to fill out the forms on the spot and leave them for her on her desk.  Besides, we had some conversations on this topic in recent weeks, and there would be more on all those surveys the students filled out.  It was mostly about teaching- what classes we had and when, do we need to make any changes, any recommendations for materials, etc.  Nichole has all the information related to the classes I have done recently, including the week by week breakdown for two levels of drawing, one of painting, and materials for each, and I can put together the print one quickly if she wants it, but last I heard, she was going to try for the drawing and color one first.  From what I saw of the surveys, the biggest issue for most students was the room itself, though compared to the basement, it's much better than that one.  Either way, I have nothing to do with that. 

I chatted with the two people there (I know them both), but I had nothing else to do there. I mentioned my plan to send Nichole an email about the teaching stuff as well, checked the status of my studio space (no new problems there), and headed home.  I'll be back there on Saturday for class and events of the day, so everything can wait until then.   I have no idea when the decisions will be made about the next round of classes, but Nichole had said that she wanted time to advertise the classes and for people to register, so I figured it was in my best interest to get my information up there. If she wants to know more, she knows how to get hold of me.


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