Thursday, May 12, 2022

Making a Living part 5


Well, I guess it's time to get back to work on the new proofs of the Boardwalk print.  I had my watercolor palettes with premixed colors out in my car, but I had one new thing to get- the latest bill from my insurance agent, since my half year payment is due in a few weeks.  The office is on my way to the Studio, so this is a convenient time to stop by and leave a check.  Unfortunately, the office was locked up for Covid, so I'll have to figure out something later.  

My first stop was at the office, to share information with Nichole.  Saw her car there, so I figured it was a good time to try. I was told that I must have passed her in the hallway, but I would have noticed that.  Turned out she was in the workroom, which was one of my topics anyway.  But first I asked her about the class registration(s).  Despite the email I got stating I had registrations, it turned out to be only one on the system.  But not bad, considering that she hasn't officially opened up registration yet.  (happens tomorrow) But I also had email from my former student (and exhibition organizer) Mary, who is working on setting up a print studio in the building, offering her accumulated equipment and aimed at the local high schools that have eliminated art programs.  Nichole likes the idea, and showed her a potential space (that work room mentioned earlier), but has been way too involved in other projects in recent months and hasn't dealt with it yet.  However, when I last talked to her about it she was still interested in doing it.  I had passed this on to my former student last night, and gave Nichole a heads up today that she may get a phone call on the topic soon.

Then I got to work.  Next up- yellows.  Long ago I was taught to do watercolors starting with the lightest colors and gradually working my way through darker and bolder colors, and that is what I'm doing here. So first a light lemon yellow, then some pieces of more like a cadmium medium yellow.   That plus the buff titanium I put on the other day looks a lot like the file photo above.  More time left, so I added some pinks, clothes, balloons, and a sign.  I decided to stop there, saving all the flesh tones for next time.

For music today I went with my home burned collection of the Flat Duo Jets (songs from first 3 full length albums) and a copy I made of Twang Bang's Kicking the Toybox to keep in the Studio.  Neither is what I would call boardwalk music, but both seem like they would be home in such an environment, so it worked for today's job.  You can read my descriptions of them on this blog at January 2020 and December 2021 respectively.


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