Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Making a Living part 9


Went back to the Studio today to continue on my coloring process.  This happened after lunch today, which still gave me some time, as I shopped yesterday.  My plan was to work on the fireworks smoke rings, the last major thing I knew I could do with the colors I have.  

I brought my rock/pop discs today and went with some things on my mind.  I started with the 1977 album from Ash, a 90's power pop/rock band from Ireland I think.  Had a video on MTV back then, but never made it big on this side of the ocean.  I wrote about them back in July, 2020.  The reason they were on my mind today was that they had a song that had appeared in the closing credits of a Jackie Chan movie, which repeatedly rhymed "Jackie Chan" and "Taiwan", and Taiwan has been in the news lately, as China has been talking about reabsorbing them, which could be a major test for our current president.  The other thing I listened to today was the self titled debut from the Coral, another British band (England) that also didn't hit it big in this country.  Wrote about this one back in June, 2020.  The two albums together were about right time wise for what I planned to do.

Those smoke rings are a large part of the print (appearing in both panels), a painterly mix of 3 colors, all of which I had in my 18 pan set of unlisted colors and other places.  This time I put the paper towels down as I went.   Probably a good idea, as I found a lot soaked in to the towels, so a lot must have gone through the paper.  But I got it all done.  Since I had a wet brush, and one of those three colors was indigo (from one of my palettes), I went ahead and put down some indigo washes on the tattoo building and the one next to it.  Not huge buildings, but little pieces that are part of the right side panel.  There's not much left I can do in the image, so I should probably order some new watercolors tomorrow, as what I have won't last much longer, and I can't complete the coloring on this piece without those needed colors.

Still no camera (or file photo of that part of the print), so no image today.  Maybe I'll try to contact my photo/computer consultant and see if she has any recommendations.  I've looked on websites, and most cameras seem to be unavailable anywhere. 


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