Saturday, June 11, 2022

Drawing Class is back


Heard nothing new about the drawing class, so I decided it must be on.  On Friday I chose some drawing props from the junk in the basement, packed them in my large tote bag, and carried them to my car after I was done moving it around for lawn mowing.  Part of why I wasn't hearing anything was that I had no access to my website email.  Tried on both computers, but one wouldn't load the site, and the other insisted that my password was wrong, even though it is the same one I have used for over a decade with no problem.  I chalked it up to more of their continued "improvement" of the web site.  Good thing I had already sent out information to my known drawing students.  But that was all I could do.

This morning I showed up as I expected.  The gate was opened and the alarm already off, so I just had to use my key to get in, just like every other time I am there.  I had the key to the classroom from last time, so I let myself in a little past 9 am.  I went out and turned on lights, then back to my room to set things right, as it was the usual crowd of tables and chairs from watercolor class.  With the room properly set for class, I put together my still life for the day, including the clamp light I had brought since I don't know where the lights they bought are hidden now.  Unlocked the front door and waited for some customers.  I knew one of my registered students would not be coming, as she had emailed me back when I could still get on, and mentioned she'd miss this week, and asked about how she could make it up and be prepared for the next meeting.  I expected the other one, plus it was always possible one or two people would show up with checks asking to join (it's happened before) or someone had even officially registered online, but I had no way of knowing.  However, no one showed up.  So I waited with my lit up still life for the two hours of the class, then put everything away. Packed that stuff in the car.   I had two fully paid up students, so I would be paid for the session no matter what.  I will let the one who had written before know what we would have done, but since the other student isn't ahead of her, whether or not she does anything is up to her.  The image above is a file photo of the idea, a still life with a mix of value items done in charcoal.  

Had a snack, and decided to hang around until the afternoon class.  As of a few days ago, I had no one signed up for the afternoon color class, but once again I had no way of knowing if anyone signed up.  But this time I only waited for 10 minutes of the afternoon class, and having no one show up, decided it was time to go.  Just then the rain started, a few drops hitting the windows, then a downpour.  I had planned to check on my space first, then leave my backpack in the car and stop by the office from outside, but that was off now.  Still looked at my proofs in the basement, then ran into Bobby walking around downstairs, saving me from looking for him in the office.  He was surprised by the rain.  Just let him know that my classroom was locked, but the front door wasn't, but he does that later, letting the current show be open for a while.  After that, I went upstairs, took down my tag, and waited outside the doors.  No hurry, so no reason to go out in the pouring rain.  After it had eased up, put my last thing in the car and got in myself. Before I got home the rain had stopped altogether. 


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