Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Making a Living (and catching up) part 13

Catching up because I forgot to blog some of this stuff yesterday.   I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday to go up to Ocean Grove.  I saw Nichole's car in the lot, so I took care of my business with her first.  I was looking to find out the status of my classes.  Part of this is because classes are scheduled to begin this coming weekend, and it would be good to know what is going on with them, but part of this was because I had gotten a weird email over the weekend suggesting that I contact people and try to get them to take my afternoon color class, seeking three people to sign up.  I could see this hadn't come from her, but was probably generated by the computer system they use for sign ups, but it made sense to talk to the boss about all this.  She confirmed the students I had for the drawing class, and even printed out an official list, with suggestions that I write to them with information about the first class.  

After that I went to work for a little while. I was a bit tired, but I wanted to get something done while I was there.  So I mixed up a new batch of my caucasion flesh formula, and put that in the places it belonged on the second proof of my recently printed boardwalk prints.  Some of the shadow areas don't look right, so I'll be going back in to redo those areas next time.  I had brought the rock/pop case of discs with me, and for no particular reason selected Joe Jackson's Big World album, which came out before the invention of the compact disc (my copy is on vinyl), but was almost designed for them, as it occupied 3 sides of a double album, with the 4th side blank.  (I wrote about this in some detail back in October, 2019)

But I was tired, and decided to go home after that.  Late in the afternoon I got a pleasant surprise, a call back from my computer consultant.   She apologized for the delay, but I had mentioned in my message that this wasn't an emergency, so I didn't mind. (my call to her was sometime last week) Told her the information I was looking for, and she said she'd look into it and call me back today.

Got a decent night's sleep last night, and got on with my day.  Marion called me back about when she said she would.  My question was about things she knew well, cameras and computers, both things she had taught at Kean, and she knows far more than I do about the subjects.  In fact, she has helped me over the years with such things a few times.   As readers here know, I have been without a camera since I went into the hospital, so I can't post any images of new works done in the time since, but this will be a necessary thing for the pieces I am doing for Tom and his Robert Johnson project.  Still a long way off, but time keeps on moving. Yesterday I gave her to basics of what I was looking for, and today she gave me some recommendations.  She had three, but after I balked a little at the price of her second one, she decided not to give me the third one.  I wrote down the information she gave me, and I will start looking online very soon.

Later in the afternoon I took care of the other business I had, writing to my students and reminding them that they had a class on Saturday, and what they would need for it.  As well as for the whole 6 weeks of classes.  There aren't as many options for buying art supples as there were a few years ago, so I hope they can find what they need.


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