Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Making a Living part 14

 One of the downsides of being an artist is that you do have to put in the time working if you want to get things done.  I decided that today was a day to work on artwork.  So after lunch, I drove up to Ocean Grove.  Did not see Nichole's car in the lot, unfortunate as I was hoping to give her an update as to all that happened over the past few days.  So I got to my main purpose, coloring.  Logically I should have moved on to some of the recently acquired bright colors, but instead I decided to work on the largest remaining piece of color, the dark boardwalk.  Another recently purchased color.  A week or so ago I made color sample cards of my recently purchased watercolors, so I started by looking at that, as well as comparing it to the framed proof I have there in the Studio.  I concluded that the dark, shadowy areas of the boardwalk were quinacridone sienna, one of a bunch of quinacridone colors produced by Daniel Smith in recent years.  I have no idea what quinacridone is, but apparently it is a mineral that can be used to produce a whole bunch of colorful earth tones, and I bought a few of them, hoping that one was the color I needed. And it turned out, I got it.   Basically a burnt sienna, but with a hint of orange that is not found in the brown.

So today I started on the boardwalk of the lesser proof.  This is the single biggest piece of color in the whole print, so it was a slow process.  I put on a homemade disc, the 100 Days, 100 Nights album from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, with the rest of the disc filled with assorted excerpts from a bonus disc included with the commercial release, Binky Griptite's Ghetto Funk Power Hour, a pseudo radio show that was essentially a mixing board and the label's inventory of records.  All very appropriate to make art to, and you can read what I have written about it back in June, 2019.

There was some seepage of color through the paper, but luckily, this color is everywhere in the final version, so everywhere this happened, I was going to put that color anyway.  After filling in all of it, I decided to let it dry for a while.  I hung it back on the wall before I left, and I could see that the coloring was a little uneven, but nothing where it shouldn't be, so this can be fixed by a second coat.  I have plenty of paint now.

Back home I sent Nichole an email updating her on the events of the weekend, and decided to rest.


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