Thursday, June 16, 2022

Making a Living part 15


Not a particularly nice day today, though the rain was expected to end before the morning was over.  At least it was mild.  I went up to the Studio, but Nichole was still not in the office.  So I went on to get some more work done.  My musical choice was an old favorite, Kirsty MacColl's Tropical Brainstorm, which I wrote in detail about back in March, 2020.   Nothing to do with the art, just something I felt like listening to.  I decided to use the quinacridone sienna on my other, better proof, and get that same boardwalk done. When I was done, it looked pretty good, both more even application, and good color.  Maybe it was having practiced on the other one that made this one go better.  In any case, the results looked good, so I hung it up to complete the drying, and to keep it relatively flat until next time. There is still the matter of the reds and oranges, but I have the appropriate watercolors now.  Getting close to the end here.

Since I still don't have a camera yet, in case you forgot what the color looks like, here's an old file photo showing the boardwalk being colored as it is now on an early proof.  Some of these colors you will not find on the final version, either the one framed, or the current ones in progress, but that's why there are early proofs to work these things out.


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