Thursday, June 23, 2022

Making a living part 17


The expected rain did not come this morning, so my parents went off to bocce, and I went off to the Studio.   I didn't feel like carrying the extra weight today, so I left my books of cd's at home and just brought a single one in its case- a home burned one from my friend Doug.  It includes two whole albums that were new at the time, at least a few years ago.  It opens with Mountain Jack by Hans Rotenberry and Brad Jones.  Hans was a long time member of the Shazam, the power pop band from Nashville, and a friend of Doug's.  The second album was Street Songs of Love by Alejandro Escovedo, a very different record, but it's a good set, and good to listen to while making art.  I eventually acquired an official copy of the latter CD for myself, but that is in storage right now, like most of what I owned.  Escovedo has links going back to punk, and despite his Spanish name, was born in this country, and is mostly a straight forward rocker.  The album is rock, all in English, with many guests, including Bruce Springsteen, who duets on a good song.  

The two album set meant I would have a little time to work on my recent color prints.  Not much was left on them, but I did use the time to fill in everything that was still untouched, mostly grays and browns, but also colored bits of architecture and figures, and I went over some of the areas that needed more work, recoloring parts of the boardwalk, and fixing a few bits of architecture.  Hung up both to dry.   Looking at them, they appear to be nearly done.  Because sometimes watercolors change a little as they dry, I'll come back to it next week, and see if anything needs fixing or reworking.  I feel that it's close to done, so one more session should finish the coloring.  But after that, they will be done.  I'll let my patron decide which one she wants, edition and sign them, and then be done with this.


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