Monday, April 19, 2010

Son of For Love Not Money part 2

Got home from work today and found this in my mailbox, a postcard from Nanci Hersh. A few days ago she had told me the story behind the image in an e-mail. As I did with my piece, she made use of on ongoing theme/project of hers when she came up with the idea for the postcard. For me it was the boardwalk, and for her it's the tea bags, the tea referring to commitment, ritual, history, and commerce. (the current political association came after she started her series)

Not sure yet what I will do with this. Tea bags are not one of my big subjects. Maybe something with the checker pattern. She identifies it as a chess board, though I can also see it as tile floor of the type I've used in some of my images from time to time. I'll give myself a few days to think about it, then try to get something done by the weekend.


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