Saturday, April 17, 2010

Son of For Love Not Money

A few days ago was the extended deadline for sending the For Love Not Money postcards, our collaboration complete, to the local collection point. This I have not done because my assigned collaborator on Mauritius never sent one. In fact, it seems that the entire printmaking community of Mauritius has gone AWOL, leaving a dozen or so people with no idea if anything happened with the cards we sent there, or if any cards would ever arrive from there. So organizer Eileen Foti offered a backup plan to at least a few of us from her group who were looking forward to being part of this project- interstate collaborations. I have been teamed up with another PCNJ based printmaker, Nanci Hersh. Today we each mailed copies of our cards to each other, with the plan of quickly adding something to them and sending them on to Eileen, who will then send them to Estonia. Not quite as exciting as collaborating around the world, but at least we both get to be part of this big international project. Nanci e-mailed me a preview of her card to consider, but I'll wait to post an image here until after I receive the actual card itself.


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