Thursday, July 08, 2010

16 Years in the Making

The past couple of days I feel like I've been wearing a groove between my house and the Boatworks. I stopped there yesterday on my way home from work to talk to Mark Ganguzza, one of the coordinators of the upcoming Belmar Urban Myths show. Yesterday and today he was set up to help any interested persons with producing videos to enter into the show. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and discussed it with him, making plans to meet him there today. From there I went home, then a few hours later I made a round trip back to Belmar for figure drawing.

Today was mostly dedicated to the video process. I started by writing a script, putting down on paper exactly what I wanted to say. Then I shot new digital photos of supermarket prints. The new one of course, relating to my dog food story, but pieces of several others, that would be used to illustrate bits of my story. I got up to the Boatworks at noon, and Mark (seen above with just a little bit of all his digital equipment) was waiting. We downloaded the new photos from the camera's card into one computer, and I recorded my telling of the myth story into another. A whole lot of editing followed, including adding background sound effects. We wrapped up the day's work around 4:30 pm. Two more print images are needed, things that will illustrate part of the story. The oldest of these is a detail of some dogs from a Fourth of July print. The final film will make use of about a dozen woodcut images, ranging from that 16 year old Fourth of July woodcut, to the new supermarket print I finished last week.

I drove home, where I photographed the two remaining prints. I e-mailed them to Mark, who will integrate them into the video, where they will slide into placeholder spots in the sequence. He should have the final cut ready by the end of next week.

After a quick meal I was back in my car for one more trip to Belmar. This was for the BAC critique group. Maybe it's because this is a holiday week, but only two of us showed up. (That's why the one in the Studio postponed our July meeting to next week.) It was a good discussion, and then I drove home from Belmar for the fourth time in two days.


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