Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to the Pool

Last summer we held a poolside critique at Mary's house, which worked out so well that we decided to do it again this year. Adding to the fun was a pre-crit pot luck dinner, with our hostess providing pork loin and manicotti, while most of the others brought assorted salads. The way my homemade focaccia (with artichokes, tomatoes, and asiago cheese) disappeared, I'd have to say it was a hit. A couple of pies for dessert helped us transition to the art portion of the evening.

We had 7 in attendance, with 6 of us bringing art. Shown above is one of Vince's paintings, and above and below are collages from Edy and a linocut from Mary. Also seen below is a pastel from Jane.

Above are more paintings from Edy (landscape) and Vince, Jane's ceramic goblets, and my newest woodcut.

Molly brought this set of ink drawings, not quite yet mounted on the wood panels. The stones are not part of the piece, just something to keep the paper from blowing away in the breeze.

Of course, one problem with the outdoor setting is that we lost the light before we ran out of art to discuss, and the last few were finished up inside the house. And when the day's hot sun gave way to clouds by the time we arrived, only one of our group was still in the mood to partake of the pool. But despite that, everyone had a good time as usual.


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