Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boardwalk Showers part 24

Got up to the Studio a little earlier than I usually do and put in a few hours on the coloring process. While at work yesterday I took a few minutes to chart tile patterns in various parts of the building. Some rooms had geometric patterns built around large square forms, others had what seemed like randomly scattered color tiles among the otherwise neutral floor. I decided to go with the latter. As far as which colors to use, I assumed one would be one of the red tile colors from the wall stripes and went with the brighter one. I also put in green ones as well, as a way of bringing more color down into that area of the composition. I didn't try to match the exact pattern of the floor I charted, but instead chose spots that would work compositionally, while matching the original floor's proportion of red and green to neutral.

Next was the shower curtains. I went with a pale blue wash- not too bright or intense, but still a contrast to the wall colors. I put this wash over the figures as well to make it seem that they are behind the curtain. The one in the upper right corner is pretty much what I was hoping for, and I'll try to make the other look a little more like that on the next proof. I continued with mostly cool colors elsewhere throughout the print- the poster logo, the bathing suit, and some of the towels. Some reds and yellows went in as well.

Some of the new colors I like and will stay the same on the next proof. Of the others, some could be worse, but they could be better as well. I'll give it some thought until next week, and maybe make some changes at that point if I come up with a combination that I prefer.


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