Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Smoking Figure part 30

In the early evening I went up to the Studio with 3 purposes in mind. First was to bring back all the stuff I had brought to last night's porch critique, which I had then brought back to my house afterwards. That I did. The second was to meet with a potential woodcut student, someone who found me through my website and is interested in learning the process. She showed up on time and I spent about 45 minutes showing her a few sample pieces (blocks and prints), and discussing the tools and other materials that would be involved. I'm looking into setting up a woodcut class at the Belmar Arts Council this fall, so it was definitely worth the time to get her input on what she'd like to learn. The third purpose was to advance the block a little more. Thanks to the long conversation, I didn't get very far, just starting to cut the light mortar lines between the bricks in the upper right corner. I'll be back tomorrow to finish those and move on to something else.

As for that class, once I have some concrete information to share, I'll post it here.


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