Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woodcut Class at the Shore

It's been a long time coming, but I will be teaching my first ever shore area woodcut class. I had expected that I would be doing these regularly once I moved into the Studio, but there has been the minor detail of how to find interested students. We don't exactly get a lot of walk-in foot traffic down in the basement, and Molly and I haven't had much luck with promotional campaigns. However, it looks like I've found a solution to that problem- I'll be holding this class just a few miles to the south at the Belmar Arts Council.

The BAC had shown an interest in such a thing in recent months, and I decided there were advantages of going through them. First, the class would be advertised on their website and the newsletters that go out to the whole mailing list every week. Second, the Boatworks has lots of work tables and uncluttered space, unlike my own place. Third, the Boatworks has very good air conditioning and heating, while my Studio is hot and humid in the summer, and a bit drafty in the winter. On the down side, I will have to bring all my supplies there for each meeting, and the BAC will take a percentage of all the class fees, but that should be offset by the larger class size that is possible. Now that it's on the schedule, I will have to start gathering supplies (wood, paper, and ink) and purchase some woodcut tools for everyone to use during our meetings.

Meanwhile, if you would like to sign up, it's all done through the BAC. A page on their main website has the details and registration can be done right there on the computer. The class starts on October 25th, but registration will likely close several days before then, so if you're interested, take care of it soon.


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