Monday, December 25, 2017

Finally, It's Christmas

I had been keeping the design of this year's card under wraps, as is my custom each year, but now Christmas time has arrived and people can see it.

It's based on a well-known woodcut by the Japanese artist Hiroshige, of the ukiyo-e era.  This is a detail of the original print, as mine is only about 6" x 4", to fit in a small envelope.  I had been able to print two readable copies, so colored both last night in preparation for today.  I typically add winter and holiday bits to the images I adapt, so in this case it's snow on the bridge and on the umbrellas, and a person who had been on some kind of boat is now ice fishing, but otherwise it's about the same.  Only 7 different colors, so that didn't take too long.  The above photo is a little dark, so I may try again tomorrow.  I will try to produce an edition in a few days, so I can have some to distribute to people who have earned them.


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