Friday, March 22, 2019

East Meets West Reception

After what seems like years of effort, the East Meets West exhibition is up on the walls, and there was an opening reception for the show.  The host, the Jersey Shore Arts Center, had selected the time and date.  The show itself has been up for a few weeks and from what I hear is a success, with lots of positive reactions coming in from visitors.  However, this would be the first time we'd hear directly from some of those visitors, and the participants.

The schedule I had seen called for it to be held from 5 to 7 pm this evening, but in at least one place the hours were listed as 7 to 9, so it was decided to cover all the possibilities.  Through a combination of artist fees and donations, Mary had gotten us a variety of refreshments, and invited attending artists to bring a few things.  Because of our extra long reception Mary thought it would be good to have a couple of pans of lasagne heating in the kitchen, for those who would be coming directly from work (such as myself) and might not have time to eat a meal.  Of course, what is lasagne without some nice Italian bread to soak up the extra sauce, so in place of one of my soda bottles, I picked up a nice olive loaf to put out, either on the general table or with the lasagne later.  Got my late class finished quickly today and got to the Parkway before the main rush hour traffic, so I got down the shore well before things were planned to begin.

Not a huge crowd at any one time, but people coming and going throughout the event.  Some of the people I invited did show up,  so I was able to talk to them, answer questions, etc.  We weren't expecting the west coast participants to make it, but several of our NJ people were there and they seemed pleased with the show, as they should be.

The food table included lots of crackers, sliced cheeses and salami, sandwich wraps, cake, and later some of that lasagne came out as well.  Participants took some of the leftovers when they went home, and the rest was delivered to the theater in the building where a show was going on.  (when a show ends the actors are always ready to eat) 

As for the exhibition, it still has a few more weeks to go.  After that, we don't know.  It would be great if we could get a west coast showing, and the prints are pretty much ready to go- just needs to be shipped.  But we don't know if they have a place out there for it to go, and the Portland organizers don't seem particularly interested in getting one going.  Here in the east our organizer was very pleased with the results and is hoping for more events in the future, but will be happy to have a little time off before the next big show.


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