Monday, October 14, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 18

With building business done, I could get some artwork in.  No Molly today, so I could listen to music.  From my Studio library I selected a home burned disc of Townes Van Zandt.  As the recent Ken Burns documentary series about country music progressed, I wondered if and when we we get a segment about Townes.  Burns had always been detailed about everything, so eventually we got one. Townes was originally from Texas, a good singer and guitar player and an outstanding song writer, and like so many other Texans, made his way to Nashville seeking success in music.  One thing that series showed was that so many of them were sent packing, usually back to Texas. The people who ran the business in Nashville believed that the industry had to run their way, and artists with their own   ideas were shown the door. Townes Van Zandt recorded several well liked albums, but none sold particularly well.  What he had going for him was the admiration of so many in the industry- song writers and performers, and the royalties from the covers kept him going for years.  What he had going against him was a history of mental illness, and a hopeless addiction to everything, with alcohol being the thing that took him in the end, killing him around the turn of the century.  I remember a radio interview with his good friend from Texas, Steve Earle, a music buddy, drinking buddy (until he finally cleaned himself up), where he said something to the effect that some great artists fail because they never get a chance, but not Townes. Due to his skills he got many chances, but he always blew them. Didn't matter where his foot was, he'd find a way to shoot himself in it.  At least we were left with some great songs, his versions and the dozens of excellent covers by those who admired his work.  What I have on my shelf at home is a two disc set, an anthology of some of his best work, which I had condensed down to 71 minutes for the disc I have in the Studio.

The job I gave myself today was to finish cutting out all the white tiles in the supermarket floor, at this point over on the left.  Not particularly difficult, but time consuming.  Using my good tools helped, so I got a lot done while the 71 minute disc played.  Even got to the table where the sparkler cake sits (but not the cake itself), and some stuff around the shopping carts. Still haven't decided about everything in the shopping carts, so those and the bakery counter will have to wait until next time.


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