Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Vesuvio part 11

Hate to waste a trip to Ocean Grove, so once I was done with my gallery errand, I put my tote bag in my car, grabbed my backpack, and headed down to my space. Still no sign of Molly, so it was a music day.  Chose my Morphine disc from the library there- described on the blog last year if you care about it.

Hadn't done any extra research since yesterday, so all I could do is continue with what I knew.  Still a lot to go.

Continued with what was clearest, the tables and chairs. Now all the tables at the back of the room are cut, as are the chairs near them. Then I cut anything on the tables- food, utensils, glasses, condiments, etc.  I stopped there today.  The walls and paintings can be figured from the photo I have, as well as the banquettes around the room.   Ceiling, floor, and people, those will require more thinking, so that will be put off for a few days.  But it seems to be coming along.


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