Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vesuvio part 19

Another day with a lot of different things going on, including dealing with students.  But I also had art materials at home and was determined to get some art done.  I made a shopping trip today, and used time in the supermarkets to do some research for what may be the next print, but most of my time with art was working on the new print.

Working in my Studio gives the advantage of a large work table and space to move around. On the other hand, the rain never really stopped today, a problem when you work with wood and paper, so staying home kept me dry, and at home I have access to my full music collection and no competition for access to the stereo.

I had started coloring the first proof of my new print last night, and continued that process today.  The other day listening to the radio I heard a song and wasn't sure what it was, but the vocalist was one I recognized, and when the songs were backlisted on the air, I got confirmation.  It was British singer Kirsty MacColl, and today I played the one full album in my collection, tropical brainstorm. It was her last album, recording finished and she took a break from promotion to have a vacation with family and died in a terrible accident, the album being released posthumously.  The music reflected a recent interest in all things Latin America (Cuban, Caribbean, South American), with her lyrics often about people who met in bars or through the internet, a recent phenomenon at the time.  (I do have a copy there in the Studio, one of my albums that Molly particularly likes) When that one ended, I put on Volume 4 by the Joe Jackson Band, an early 21st century album where he reunited his original 70's rock band and put out an album that felt at home among his earlier efforts.  (among the things these two albums have in common, they came out within a few years of each other, the artists are from England, and both reference science fiction, Doctor Who on the first one, Star Trek on the second)

This proof that I am coloring right now is suitable for experimentation. The paper slipped in printing, so the printing was never completed, and this one could never be part of the edition.  However it can be of use to try color combinations and ideas, and this one reflects that.

For all the furniture, I went with Cobalt Teal Blue, the closet color I have to the restaurant's turquoise, and I think I'll stick with that.  For the wall I went with New Gamboge, trying out both a full strength yellow-orange toward the corner, and a pale version to the right, and I think the pale version will be what I go with. Used that same color on the ceiling.  The light fixture and fan were colored to look like they did in the original photo.  For most of the people, I started with clothing and hair from the original photos I used, except for the standing woman in red toward the right- her original dress was pale blue and it disappeared into the background of the turquoise furniture, thus the change.  The pizza, of course, is based on my observations of the one I got a few weeks ago. For the floor I was playing with a pale grayish purple, and there are things I haven't tried yet. I'll study what I have here a bit before trying color on the better proof, but this tells me some things.


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