Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 4

Late last night got a long email from Nichole. Nothing about the break-in, or classes, or a free lunch, but some new rules for the building. A lot of it is post-Corvid 19.  New rules for wearing masks and gloves, for entering and leaving the building, using bathrooms, etc.  It looks like we are allowed to very gradually open things up again, so this is part of the preparation.

Early in the day I was taking care of yard work and other tasks. Went home for a quick clothes change and snack, then up to the Studio. Had my new block with me.  My biggest concern was that with this food giveaway, would there be parking available? As Bobby had mentioned yesterday things were set up in the back parking lot, which I could see as I came up route 71.  Hardly any cars in the main lot, so no trouble parking. Went straight down to my space. Had thin disposable gloves in my pants pocket, but for this occasion I got my pair of thick black elbow length neoprene gloves from  the cabinet (like my big filter mask, acquired for the original purpose of mixing acid for print class), and walked around until I found an exit where I was allowed to leave the building.  Walked around the back to where the food giveaway was going on.  An awning over a frame, and some folding tables, one of which was loaded with food bags, already prepared.  Nichole said that the reason she hadn't been promoting it was that it wasn't really a building function, but something organized by the chamber of commerce and they just needed a space to hold it. and our back parking lot would suffice.  Building residents really weren't invited because it wasn't her place to do so.  It all made sense.  She did offer to let me take a bag, but I suggested to leave them for people who might need them more, and when it ended if they had some leftover I'd take a bag.  Also found out the wood panel on our window was put in by her husband and a temporary repair, and there is a plan to get us some better windows, when the budget allows it.  New theory is that problems with opening and closing windows may be due to settling in our ancient building. Seems possible.  No immediate plan to offer organized classes, but if laws change she'll let us know.  We may be allowed to do things in our studios, and she's working on policies to make it legal if we want to.  Trying to organize such thing is nearly impossible for individuals, and finding space in my room would be nearly impossible.  She was very impressed with my gloves. I went back inside and got down to work.

Decided to continue with the more mellow music like I had yesterday, and brought in a few things from my collection.  The Algiers album from Calexico is something I very much associate with Hurricane Sandy, as it was in heavy rotation on the local college station then, and the only entertainment I had for that time was my small transistor radio, and whatever it picked up.  No television, no computers, just that local station. For that week and a half, I heard those songs a lot.  More latin influence than anything from the Cowboy Junkies, not surprising for a band from the southwest. Meanwhile, the food giveaway was going on just outside my window, so whenever I looked up I could see the activity, and the bags kept disappearing.  As this first disc was ending, I was surprised by a knock on my door (closed as we were told to do in these new rules).  It was Nichole, to let me know that they were closing up, and if I wanted a bag, I could come get one. Finding my mask and gloves only took a moment.  Finding a path I was allowed to take to get to the location I could see through my window was more of a challenge.  But I found a way there eventually and they gestured I should take one of the V bags, which I assumed stood for vegetarian, as some of the lunches were labeled.  I am not a vegetarian, and have many omnivorous tendencies, but I figured there was likely nothing in there I wouldn't eat, so I expressed gratitude for my free meal, stashed the bag in my car, and went back inside.  The next disc was The Good Earth by the Feelies, an album from the 80's, that I first heard in Carbondale, from fan John Siblik. Not really acoustic- sounded more like low volume folky-rock.   Again, not much like the Cowboy Junkies, but music that fit along side it.  The album came from a Minnesota label, but the band was from New Jersey, regularly playing at Maxwell's,  a legendary music club in Hoboken, one of those places that all up and coming band passing through the area got booked into.  (went there once with my work friend Teresa and her dog walking friend Jeff, just something to do, and at one point while the headlining band, the Raunch Hands, was playing, a woman jumped up on stage, removed her top, and started dancing with abandon, escorted from the stage when the song ended- a wild night) When the second disc ended, I decided to call it a day.

Continued by drawing with what I had done yesterday. More on the cart, including the imagined plexiglass shields, plus adding some things inside the cart.  In my original paper sketch I imagined the cart with empty shelves on both sides, while here I am leaning toward a view with just one long shelf in the background.  With no music playing, my mind reverts back to the old Police song (...I hate the food I eat...the cans are running out...) that was in my head as I was starting this.  Right now items on the shelves are only place holders, and my shopper is very roughed in.  A lot more to go, but it seems to be coming along.

I went home, and needed to investigate my bag of food.  It came with three items.  Inside a plastic clam shell type container was a sandwich. A good substantial roll, with a thick slice of fresh mozzarella, some roasted peppers (red and yellow), a heaping of arugula, and good amount of balsamic vinegar.  This is the kind of thing I might pay money for.  Also a very large chocolate chip muffin (wrapped in plastic wrap and falling apart, but still tasty) and the best of all, an individually wrapped roll of toilet paper.  No wonder everyone was showing up and taking handfuls of bags (up to 4 each) with them.

No beverage, so I made a big glass of iced tea, and had that and a handful of kettle chips with my sandwich for dinner.  The muffin top with ice cream made a tasty dessert.  The rest of the muffin will be part of tomorrow's breakfast.  For now the toilet paper gets added to my supply, but it doesn't expire, so it will get used.  I should find out where the sandwich came from, in case I want to try something else they make sometime.


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