Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fever Dream part 9


Went back to my block today, some refining, and some new stuff.  On my way up to Ocean Grove, I heard a Springsteen song on the radio, and that put me in a mood to listen to the first disc in my two disc collection of favorite songs, mostly stuff from the first 5 albums in this case.  The irony is that the song I had heard on the radio isn't on this disc, but on the second disc.

For no particular reason, I worked from left to right today.  I started with the newest nurse, cleaning up my sketch from yesterday, adding a little detail, and making some slight adjustments, but it was mostly as I wanted it.  Then the rest of the wall and door behind her.  To make sure I was seeing this correctly, I made use of one of the doors to the Studio.  With the door structure settled, I could finally finish the Entemann's aisle end, based on observed shelves in many supermarkets over the past several months.   I may have used the real thing as a model, but this is definitely a dream item, as supermarkets have been in a lot of dreams of late, often in semi-darkness.  And the Entemann's display is also from a dream- one where I was looking for a suitable Sunday morning treat and in the dream was looking for an item called an Entemann's Klown, which was an exceptionally large flat cake.  In my dream, I was looking for a chocolate related item, but they were out of those. 

Next was some plant growth in the foreground, the bottom of the doorway.  Forms a transition between the hall and the tile floor of the supermarket.  I based these on a print done years ago, a black and white image called Toad, done for a group folio. (the image is on my website) In that case, the plants were adapted from a panel of Saga of the Swamp Thing, perhaps one of my favorite comic books of all time, not for the art (which was very effective), but for Alan Moore's writing, considered by many some of the best ever to be found in mainstream comics. 

I did a little bit of touch up to one of the two interior nurses, but not much.  I'll probably save that until another time, when I will redo all the helicopters. My redone Entemann's shelf gave me a little more view of the the circular clothing rack, so I completed that as well.  In that same vicinity, I made some slight changes to the escalator (as in a mall department store, also from a dream.

The last thing I did today was add a piece of a Jeffries Tube behind the hand holding the keys on the far right.  It's only a sliver of the tube, the entrance of which would be circular, but vertical on a wall.  For those not familiar with Star Trek, a Jeffries Tube (named for the art director on the original series) is an angular crawlspace, roughly a 45 degree upward angled tube used to access mechanical things on the ship. This also comes from an old dream.  In real life, in my youth we lived in a split level, and there was a short stairway connecting the family room and the basement, but in my dream, we also had tubes that connected the two rooms, which would have been very much like a Jeffries Tube.  I traced the circumference of Molly's largest clamp light for the small piece of the circle that appears on the block.  The rest of the wall is brick, like in my building.

As I finished that, my disc ended, and it was time to head home, some tasks to be done on the way home.


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