Sunday, June 17, 2007

A History of Art part 6

Had a few hours free in the afternoon to get up to the Studio, bringing with me some reference material. I concentrated on the area to the right of the crucifix today. I put two ideas into the lower level. The deep background is an image of painting at an easel, representing one of my earliest experiences of making art. This was nursery school, where there was a little side room for art, painting with poster paints on newsprint. A colorful abstraction, which my father framed and hung in his office, perhaps my first exhibition. Leading back there is bits from the board game Candyland, the classic 60's era design I played with, not the horrid grotesquely cutesy version they have now. Here I used the path, the lollypop woods, and gumdrop mountains. Still remaining in that area are things to the immediate right and left.

The upper level is a single space that combines two key business locations- Lou's Barber Shop from Bloomfield and an unspecified supermarket. Both have figured into work I have done, especially the latter. The barbershop part is pretty much done, but the supermarket part will need a little adjusting and refining, but that will wait for another day.


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