Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drawing on a Warm Summer Night

Technically we have several days to go, but today had a bit of a summer feel for me. I felt it stuck in Parkway traffic during the afternoon. But even more I had the feeling in the evening at the figure drawing group in Belmar. At the start of the session, our model complained of being overheated, despite being the only one in the room without any clothing. We turned off a few of the spotlights, cranked up the air conditioner, and all was well.

Drawing went well enough. My first charcoal drawing had a lot of issues. The 20 minute portrait piece above was a considerable improvement. Even looks like her a little bit. The last drawing of the night was yet another long reclining pose. Not wanting to do another one of those sideways faces (as in here and here), I moved around to the other side of the platform and did more of a figure study. Both pieces seemed to impress the other artists present.

Tonight's model is the same one who I hired last year for some boardwalk print sketches, including a few that were used in the recent miniature golf print. I brought the framed copy that I had at the critique a few days ago, so she could see how it turned out. (I showed her the block drawing in progress the last time she worked for us) She really liked it and is looking forward to seeing how the other sketches fit into the next one. However, I plan to work on another print or two before I return to the boardwalk series.

With the drawing done, and the room all put back in order, we headed out into the warm humid night air, and that summer feeling came back again.


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