Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Shopping Mystery part 5

Decided to use some of the few hours between World Cup games today to advance the current block a little more. However, a little complication upon arrival at the building- the light in the stairway to the basement was out. Well, that bulb burns out fairly often, so I felt my way down the stairs (it doesn't help that they're painted black) to the basement and hit the light switch in the main hallway. No light. That's not a bulb problem, but an electricity problem. I climbed back toward the light (that little hint of blue in the center of the above photo) and went to the 1st floor (which had power and lights) and the boss's office. We found our way back downstairs and investigated. The little hallway leading to the cafeteria was also without power, but lights worked in the main room and in a side room that held the circuit breaker box. (the Studio and the bulb just outside it were unaffected) He found a few that were tripped and restored them. The police had alerted him that the heat wave and resulting use of air conditioners was causing power losses and surges around town- this might be a result. For the moment the problem was solved.

First on the agenda, fixing a piece of the drawing. The cashier had been bothering me, particularly the arms. Individually, both arms were fine, but the overall pose looked all wrong. Mostly today I was modifying the arm on the right, rotating it about 180 degrees and adjusting proportions. Needs a little more work, but this is much better.

So I got out my tools and started cutting. My usual start- areas that I know will be white. In my limited time I worked on the register/scanner area. The wood is hard, but it cuts cleanly. Next time I hope to get a bigger piece of the block done.


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