Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Shopping Mystery part 6

Down in the basement where the Studio is (and all the lights were functioning normally today) things don't heat up as bad as they do on the upper floors of our un-air conditioned building, but on hot humid days like the past few the air can get a little heavy down there. So today I dug out of my home basement a relic of my old grad school studio- my standing fan. My grad school studio was on the top floor of a converted factory building that also lacked air conditioning (the professors' studios were air conditioned, and the giant warehouse that stored old rusty furniture and surplus toilet paper was air conditioned, but none of the student spaces), and on summer days we would bake. Our individual studios had small overhead fans that did little, so eventually I went out and got something that would make life in there tolerable for most of the day. In fact, I even made it the subject of a woodcut.

In past summers here in New Jersey sometimes we located an extra electric tabletop fan somewhere in the building, but I haven't seen any around lately, so my 16 year old fan was called into service. It did just fine.

As for the art, I continued with the cutting process, but not before making a few more subtle adjustments to the drawing on the foreground figures. I went on with the white areas that are part of the register stations (at least the pieces I'm sure of) and started a little on the floor tiles.

Although a lot of the block looks untouched, what's left to cut is not that much. One or two more sessions should do it, keeping me on track for my deadline on the project.


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