Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heaven's Boardwalk

This morning I got back to work on getting ready for an upcoming show in Asbury Park. The theme of the exhibition is scenes from the Jersey Shore, and if that doesn't sound like an occasion for my boardwalk prints, I don't know what is. Actually I had the first print from the series hanging in this location a few years ago as part of the Tri City Arts festival, so I chose 3 other prints from the series that were very specifically boardwalk scenes. (the tattoo studio, arcade, and shower room are all based on the boardwalk experience, but could also be found elsewhere) I already had the food scene in a frame, but I had to frame the miniature golf print and of course the night scene that I had just finished copying yesterday.

In the early afternoon I brought the framed pieces and paperwork up to the gallery. I was hoping to park close to the gallery, but there was some kind of festival going on, and the closest spot I found was a few blocks up Lake Avenue, probably not that much closer than if I had just walked from the parking lot at the Studio. Still, no problems carrying the three framed pieces there, which I turned over to the gallery owner and got on my way.

The show is in the upstairs gallery at Heaven Art and Antiques, 721 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park. There is an opening reception on Saturday, September 24th from 7 to 10 pm.


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