Saturday, September 21, 2019

Another Kind of Class

At the Jersey Shore Arts Center they are trying to find out what people want.  As a long time artist, I know that can be a struggle.  For every student who signs up for something and pays for it, there are probably 15 who declare an actual interest, but decline to ever commit to the activity.  But we keep trying.

I taught two 4 week classes at the JSAC in July, and two more in August.  Drawing and woodcut.  Neither was full, but enough people signed up to run them.  Students who made it to the end seemed to enjoy them, learning good stuff.  No room in the building for them right now, but maybe there will be a slot in winter, and definitely next summer, maybe starting promotion a little earlier.  Meanwhile, they are looking at some drop-ins- no scheduled series of classes, just one night, pay at the door, make some art. We are talking about some theme nights and some specific projects, but for the first one they want with simple still life.  Used the 3rd floor cafe space, set up two larger complex still life groupings (a mix of things Nichole had found and stuff from my collection of props), mounted clamp lights to create interesting lights and shadows.

These were the two big still life subjects, plus we had a table of small items for people who wanted to make their own.  The problem was a lack of customers.  Nichole admitted that she hadn't done much promotion- no advertisements, no signs, just word of mouth.  We had one artist show up, who made her own, using some of the objects I had provided.  She seemed satisfied, but one artist doesn't pay very much. I guess we'll keep trying.


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