Tuesday, September 08, 2020

A New Phase part 5

 The name of the person we should send the teaching applications to at this community college turned out to be an assistant dean, so I decided not to send it in today, being that today was also the first day of class, and I figured she probably had a lot of other things to do.  Wouldn't want to get lost in the shuffle. Which meant that I had an extra day to refine my materials.

For example, my online portfolio.  I remembered that when I had looked up information online that they had (at least in the past) included a few multiple color prints as a requirement in their print class. I don't normally do those with multiple blocks, but I can, so perhaps I should get some examples that are not just my usual hand coloring, just to show that I can.  So I added a few color examples to the Printmaking section of my portfolio (personal and student work).  After all, I do have the examples.  Also added a particularly intense black and white woodcut from one of my Ocean Grove students last year, not done in the class itself, but a few months later on her own. She had emailed it to me to get my opinion.  Since in the mail she credits the piece to what she had just learned in my class just before that, I feel it was acceptable to use it. The print, a portrait piece, is good and I figure it makes me look good as a teacher.  

The other thing I did was add a few captions to the 2D section, to better explain what the projects were.  Normally you can't do that with a page of slides, but since this is a blog site, might as well take advantage of it. All the student artworks are good, showing examples of all the important formal issues, and that may be enough.  But it doesn't hurt to have the additional words.  


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