Friday, September 04, 2020

Supermarket Panic part 14

I had gotten word from Nichole that she was planning to replace the last doorknob of the two doors to our Studio today, which would mean a new key to that door, and that alone was a reason to go there today.  However, I usually have many things to do at the Studio.  One thing was to finish the current block.  I had located my supply of personal tools, and wanted to get this done so I'll be ready to move on the next print, once I decide what that is.

In the early afternoon I got up to the building.  Saw cars in the lot (not Nichole's) and the gates open, so went in. Went straight to the basement and saw that the door had a new knob, one my key would not fit.  Luckily, there was a plan in place.  Up to the office, where Bobby was on duty.  I asked about the key and he pulled out an envelope and dug out a set of keys, one silver, one gold.  Said he had sets for me and for Molly.  Why two?  He didn't know. So I went downstairs via the elevator, and came first to the green door, the side hallway I don't usually use to enter.  The gold key didn't work there.  The silver key didn't seem to fit either, but after jiggling it around a bit it finally fit and the key turned, and I was in.  I'd figure out the rest later.

 Got in there and set up.  For music today I brought something from home, a disc that collected some early albums from the DC band Shudder to Think, one of those groups I learned about at Montclair State.  Hard to classify, even for music experts, but often labeled as "post-hardcore".  They were signed to Dischord Records, a label that specialized in hard core punk bands from the Washington DC area, and they fit in with that crowd.  The music is fast, dense, aggressive guitars, but recorded at low volume, which gave them a mellow pop sound.  Vocals were more pop. This disc had their first two albums for Dischord, Funeral at the Movies and Ten Spot from the early 90's. One of those things that would be hard to listen to in winter with the heat coming on every few minutes, but summers are quiet around there.  The two albums totaled about an hour, which seemed just enough time.

I was pretty close last time, but saved a few parts until I had better tools to work with, which I did today.  I finished some items of the background shelves, trying to use ellipses on the cans on the shelves to help show relative height, put a bold design on a box on the upper shelf, and finished the wall with a ONE WAY sign, and the wall itself. (some area supermarkets actually tried to enforce one way aisles, and these are still in place) What I'm not sure of yet is if I want to show lines between the black tiles in floor groupings.  I may look at what I did in other prints in the series.  And I should take a rubbing of it, see how it all turned out.  But otherwise this one is done.  Did other things in the Studio today, but I'll save those for another post.


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