Monday, June 14, 2010

Critique in Asbury

We broke from our usual critique routine in two ways tonight. First, we had it the 2nd Monday of the month, due to a scheduling conflict. Second, we held it at Langosta Lounge, a popular restaurant/bar on Asbury's boardwalk. The reason for the location was that Molly recently finished a whole bunch of tables for them and this would be the only way she could present them in a critique. We ended up with quite a large group, including several new faces. Below are some examples of the work presented tonight, including a variety of paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures.

After the last artworks were critiqued, we moved the chairs out of the way to clear the floor for a dance performance. Molly has been working with a choreographer on a number of projects in recent years, especially the past few months. A large fabric piece that she's been working on for a while was put to use as four dancers from DeXdance performed a piece using it, and some other props created by Molly. Some potential customers at the door looked very confused, but the crowd in the restaurant really enjoyed it.

Quite an evening, but we weren't done yet. After helping put everything away, most of us reconvened at art629, a gallery space on Cookman Avenue, several blocks away. One of our regulars, Adam, has a two person show up right now and he wanted to get some feedback from the group.

Quite a full evening of art. As for Molly's tables, they were crowded with diners the entire time we were there and we never actually got to see them. I'll have to stop by some other time and check them out. As enjoyable as things were tonight, after dealing with the noise of a crowded restaurant, we are unlikely to hold any future critiques there.


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