Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The End of the Game

I was in the Studio for a few hours today, taking care of a variety of tasks. First was finishing the coloring on the 3rd proof of the miniature golf print. Just little bits and pieces, such as the clown shoes, metal golf clubs, and colored golf balls, examples of which can be seen above.

The just completed proof was hung back on the wall to finish drying. The second proof (1st on okawara) went into a frame. Back several months ago when I was framing another boardwalk print, I went ahead and cut an extra mat, and had a piece of plexiglass made as well, to go along with an extra frame I had ordered. I don't need this piece for any upcoming shows, but I do want to show the print at some upcoming critiques outside the building, and it will be easier and safer to carry it from place to place in a frame. All I had to do today was mount the print to the backing board, put the cut window mat in place, peel the protective covering off the plexi, and put it all together in the frame.

Took care of one other thing while there- sanded the block I started preparing last time, and redrew the panel border lines. My goal is to at least settle on the final idea for the print by the end of the weekend, and get started on block drawing within a week of that.


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