Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches-UPDATE

Got some good news today- my just barely completed entry for the upcoming Art on the Edge show at the Boatworks was accepted by the jurors. They ended up being fairly selective, accepting a bit less than half of all the entries. The big challenge will be how to hang all this very diverse art in the two rooms we have to host the show. Not everything can go next to everything else.

Now the bad news- With the expected arrival of Hurricane Irene this weekend and a statewide state of emergency already declared by the governor, the planned reception for the show, with guest appearance by DriveByPress, for this Saturday, August 27th has been cancelled. Actually it's more accurate to say that it is postponed, because there is an intention to reschedule it in the near future. Check back here and at the main BAC site for details.


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