Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Table Talk part 15

Had my first day of school yesterday, the class I never taught before.  The rest of the week I have classes that I have taught many times, so not as much to worry about.  That meant I could get back to the table project today.

One of the things Molly had put on my list was to take the 6 tabletops destined for locations in restaurants and back each with another piece of plywood, making an extra thick (and extra heavy) table surface.  She has started making the tops already.  Above she has used a router to carve a design into three boards that will be tables for Langosta Lounge. Below are three more table tops which will be at Kula Cafe.  (you may notice the large amount of sawdust on the floor in the two photos)  The matching backing pieces are already made, so I'll use a combination of glue and screws to join them together.  That doesn't interfere with Molly's process, so I don't need to wait for her to finish.  I'll probably work on it tomorrow.

I was able to physically work on one thing today.  I had decided a while back that the smallest (drop leaf) table wouldn't work with the same 4x4 legs that we'll be using with the other tables, and we decided that the simplest solution would be to take one of the 2x4's that we had left over and rip it down to 2x2 lumber.  The building has a table saw in their wood shop, and they agreed to help with this.   However, things don't always happen quickly around there, so two weeks after I requested it the original piece of lumber was still sitting in our space.  Maybe they're just tired of me asking about it, but when I brought it up today Herb met me down there and we spent the two minutes it took to set up the saw and rip the board.  Brought them back to our space for now.  Tomorrow I can start working on a design plan for that last table.


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