Thursday, September 05, 2013

Table Talk part 16

I had some available time in the morning and afternoon today, so up to the Studio to work on tables.  Most of the tables that we are making as part of this project are going to have a single piece of 3/4" plywood for the top, attached to a frame that parallels the edges, plus a leg in each corner.  However. six of the tables will be going to restaurants, and the tops will be mounted on central pedestal with a base.  With only a central point to support the tables, Molly decided to double the plywood.  (she has made a lot of tables for restaurants, so she knows what she's doing here)  She decided to turn this task over to me.

I decided to start with the three tables with the head designs, the ones seen yesterday sitting on top of the plastic work tables.  The process was simple enough- bring a matching 3 square foot piece of wood over, spread with a thin layer of wood glue, clamp it to one of Molly's carved tops, and then drive screws up through the bottom piece into the top.  After the clamps were on for the recommended amount of time, I removed them and stacked the doubled tops horizontally to let the wood's own weight keep pushing it together, and used the clamps on the next set.

I got the three head tables done before I had to wrap things up and get ready for a class tonight.  I put them back up on the work tables should Molly decide to work on them before the next time I come in.  Over the weekend I'll do the same steps with the the other three square tables, and then be ready to work on another piece of this job.


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