Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Supermarket Rubble part 17

Despite many threats, somehow it hasn't snowed for a few days.  The February critique had been scheduled for tonight and looked like it would happen.  I had done some block cutting since the last crit, but thought I may as well go in a little early and do more cutting before the event.

Actually, before cutting, I did some drawing, reworking the female figure in the upper left corner.  Same basic figure, but made a little smaller, a more logical size for her location in the scene.  Did a little cutting, some painted lines in the parking lot and the concrete curb around the background trees.  These were easy decisions to make and things I could knock out quickly.  Looking at it afterwards, I noticed that the painted parking lot line in the upper right corner lines up almost exactly with the white line of the shopping cart corral, and the two are essentially joined by the handle of the shopping cart in between them.  While having things line up in a composition can be good, in this case it could be confusing, as one is on the ground and one is a few feet above the ground.  Can't do anything about those now, but I will think about the cart in between, and if changing it in some way would help diffuse the effect of the long line across the composition.


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