Friday, July 13, 2018

More Fun with St Georgia

My other reason for going to the Studio today was to continue working on the proof of my St Georgia print, so I had brought my prototype with me.  Today I moved on to the next big thing, the sky.  In recent years, I have been using a very thin wash of pthalo blue for my skies, and I had some of that color on one of my watercolor palettes, so I put that wherever it was needed.  Because the sky is almost half the print, the paper was fairly wet, and I decided it would be better not to try coloring any of the birds that were surrounded by sky, to avoid color bleeding.  I did layer some of the blues, grays, and browns on birds on the roof in the foreground, not touching the sky in any way.  Will probably need more touch up as we go.  Do that next time, as well as all the other birds, and this one will be just about done.


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