Monday, July 09, 2018

Still More Printmaking Stuff

The Studio visit was very nice, but it's usually only a small part of what I have to do in a day as an artist.

I didn't get around to writing about it yet, but over the weekend the mystery of my bench hooks was solved.  I stopped by the Belmar Arts Council on other business, and was asked if I had seen the e-mail.  I hadn't.  Turns out a bin full of stuff was noticed in a corner, under some piled up stuff.  I went in to check it out, and it was full of my bench hooks.  So I don't need to make new ones, just have to hope these aren't misplaced before my class next week.

Got some teaching related mail delivered today.  My contracts for my university classes arrived, pretty much what I expected- the amount and classes I have gotten the past few semesters.  Nothing is guaranteed when you are an adjunct (the university has a history of ignoring contracts that no longer suit their needs) but at least this shows things are progressing as expected.  It was a reminder that I need to get my Disclosure form done and up to the university soon, so I downloaded it from the e-mail today, filled it out, and that's ready to go.  Knowing who has to approve it and sign it might help choose the day I make that trip up to Union, but if I can't get an answer soon, it will be up to them to figure it out.

Also an envelope from Ocean County, regarding my linocut class in August.  All the addresses seem to be right now.  I'll contact the library (where I'll be doing this) to verify a few things, then sign and send them off, all so they will pay me when the time comes.  Made copies for my records though.  Purchase orders instead of contracts, but as long as I get my pay, I won't care how it happens.

Next on the agenda, getting some verification on the Belmar linocut class (also in August it seems) and then acquiring more supplies, the things my Portland supplier doesn't carry.  The Belmar woodcut  class starts in about a week, but I seem to have all the materials for that, just the challenge of loading them all into my car and getting them there.


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