Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Circus part 10

Had a little time in the afternoon, so a quick Studio visit.  I have no particular deadline on my newest piece, but while I have the time I'd like to make as much progress on it as I can.

As I wrote yesterday, I wanted to take on the crab sandwich platter next, and I started on the left side of the block, with the onion rings and fries.  I did a bit of cutting in this area, though I will want to take a rubbing and see what I got.  At the time I was drawing it, I mentioned that color would play a large role in making this look like the food items that it is.  That is still the case, but my extensive experience in cutting things for black and white helped today- textures and contours will also aid in making all this look like the foods it represents.   I'll move on to the sandwich itself next time.  When students ask me how I manage to cut very large blocks (and at times I have) I tell them it's done a little piece at a time, and then keep going day after day until it finally gets done.  Today was another little piece.


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