Saturday, February 09, 2008

A History of Art part 74

Today saw the biggest changes in the print since the first day of coloring. Lots of blue today- road signs, boat ride trench, train car, assorted odds and ends taken care of first. Then all that sky, including the clouds. I did my best to match the hue and value of the one from the Bruegel painting, at least as far as it matched my composition, to maintain some of that original palette. So far it seems to all be working. There are still some major areas to deal with- the casino, the drawing studio, the large building blocks, as well as various things in the lower right corner (boats, gulls, rug). Some will be matching reality, some will be color choices to balance the composition. Then touch-ups and adjustments of a few previously colored things. But it looks like I'll have this worked out in time to make this piece part of my March show, which was my goal.


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