Friday, May 15, 2009

Tri City Arts Tour 2009

Tonight was the opening night for the 2009 edition of the Tri City Arts Tour. I arrived at Cookman Avenue around 6:30 pm and went straight to Heaven, the store that's hosting my art that is. It turns out that all 4 pieces were kept together in the space that was shown to me yesterday. With the permission of the shop owners, I left some postcards of my work (including 2 that are in this show) on the little shelf under the framed prints. I took a copy of the Asbury schedule of events and set out to see some art. I went up about 3 blocks and back, stopping in to see about 25 locations that were hosting art for this occasion. After seeing the 5 shows set up in the Shoppes at the Arcade, it's probably for the best that I didn't end up with my work there, as it really wouldn't have fit in well with any of the other art I saw. In only a few cases tonight was the artist present. Unlike last year, my name doesn't appear in the guide next to my location (the place I would have been and where I ended up both just list the artists as "group show") , so there should be no particular confusion over having my location switched. A few places had live music going on, the best of which the performance seen above at the Twisted Tree Cafe. Crowds were much lighter than last year, but there were people all up and down the streets and in many of the stores and galleries. Ran into a few people I know. Perhaps things will pick up with the street fair tomorrow, weather permitting. I'll try to get back there one more time over the weekend, and check out the events up by the boardwalk.

I also confirmed that my little exhibition will be continuing past this weekend. The store owner wants to keep all the art (the rest is all photography) up for about a month. Don't need any of those pieces before then, so no problem for me. If you want to see it in person, Heaven is open Thursday to Sunday, 11 to 5.


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