Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boardwalk Mini Golf part 30

Time to start the coloring on the new print. I decided to begin with some of the colors from the actual course, as seen in the old photo. My first step was to color the boards of the boardwalk. There's a lot of complex cutting in the area around the fence, so sometimes it was difficult to determine what was boardwalk and what was part of a golf hole. Next were the frames around the holes, which caused me to have to reassign some of those spots. But now I think it's all sorted out. I kept the original color scheme of red on the sides (inside and outside) of all the frames and white on the tops. The red along the top of the picket fence is also based on the photo. On the other hand, the red and white checkerboard pattern on the side of the platform in front of the fish is a slight change- the actual platform is just plain white, with the pattern based on something from another hole on the course. From there I went to the big bluefish, once again using the colors scheme from the photo. Used the same colors (for now) on the loop on the opposite panel, an obstacle I made up. The next major thing is all the golf greens, but I need to decide which shade of green will work best with the palette so far.


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