Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Green Day

Rare are the days when I only have one thing to do, and today was no exception. The art portion of the day began well into the afternoon when I showed up at the Studio. Took care of two tasks. First, I cut a board, measured the image area, and surfaced it with wood filler. I set it aside to dry. I decided to save the sanding until next time. This will be the block for the next project. Next I took the latest proof of the miniature golf print off the wall and colored in all the putting greens. This was the last major color to be added. There are still a few little things here and there to be done (golf balls, putters, etc), which should only take a few minutes. That can also wait for next time.

From there I drove down to the Boatworks to attend a reception for an art show called The Green Man. I have no work in the show, just stopping by to see the art and document it for the BAC blog. I did get contacted yesterday about another show, one coming up this fall, but I'll save the news on that until I know more details.


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